Lady Bluebell is the mother of Splendid Fellow Pumpkin. She has a knowledge of plants for food and medicine and cares for and keeps bees. All Pukkles are good at singing but Lady Bluebell is able to bring all the forest creatures out of hiding by singing their songs. She is able to find safe forest places on the earth to dwell if her Pukkle community is “seen” or discovered by the outside (human) world.  Lady Bluebell loves to knit socks, she will climb trees whenever the mood takes her and she enjoys playing the flute as well.

Oakwish is the father of Splendid Fellow Pumpkin. When he’s not leading a Forest Festival or Celebration, Oakwish is a very smart and funny man to be around in his everyday life. He is musical, playing the violin. And while he is always inventing helpful gadgets, his passion is creating beautiful carvings. He works with Seth Gemfire to create large and small wooden furniture items for the Pukkle community.

Silke Vinewort leads the Harvest Gathering and the Spring Planting at The Growing Hill.  She cllects and catalogues all the vegetable and flower seeds and organises all the fresh produce for the festivals and parties. She creates plant remedies that keep all the Pukkles healthy and happy. She is able to summon and speak with the Guardians of The Kindly Forest (more on these special creatures later but I can tell you that they are furry and purple and in the book you can see one as they peer down on Splendid Fellow Pumpkin as he searches for his first Moon Crystal) Silke plays the harp….. and the drums and whatever she decides to play, it all depends on the season and the weather.

Seth Gemfire can always make something out of nothing. He is the up-cycle king! He builds walls and cabins and garden structures. Seth works closely with Oakwish. He is also musical, playing the guitar and writing songs and poems.  Seth loves a good bonfire and roasting hemnuts while telling magical stories. 

Rosemary Gindy absolutely loves children and will try to feed as many as she can, as often and as much as she can! She bakes the best herb bread and creates delicious but nourishing smoothies and soups. Of course, she is world famous for her Gingerberry Juice!


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